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A facelift or rhytidectomy is one of the most common facial plastic procedures performed. It is recommended for patients who are concerned about saggy or loose skin and loss of facial muscle tone. A facelift can correct these indicators by removing excess skin from the face and neck, and sculpting the underlying tissues and muscles in your jaw, cheek, and neck area. This creates a more natural and youthful appearance, improving self image and appearance.

Dr. Pittman’s philosophy is to create a natural look for the patient, avoiding an abnormal hairline or sideburns and the “pulled look” that some people develop postoperatively. If you are unhappy with the lower two-thirds of your face, Dr. Pittman may suggest you undergo a rhytidectomy procedure. A facelift can be combined with other procedures to strengthen your chin and improve your brow or eye area. These include brow, chin, or eyelid surgery.

About the Procedure:

Dr. Pittman uses well concealed incisions that start at or within the sideburn area just above the ear and continues around the ear lobe and ends in the hairline behind the ear. This allows for removal of excess skin and in many instances excess fat. After this is done, the underlying muscle is repositioned and tightened creating a natural, and more youthful appearance to the face. For men, the incision is placed slightly more in front of the ear to accommodate the natural beard lines. The surgery can last between 3-6 hours and is usually performed on an outpatient basis.

What to Expect postoperatively:

Patients should expect some degree of bruising and swelling after the procedure that can last from 2-4 weeks. The first week postoperatively is limited to light activity, avoiding strenuous activity until 2 weeks after surgery. A combination of absorbable and nonabsorbable sutures are used to close the skin, with the nonabsorbable sutures being removed within 7 days postop. At this point the patient may return to work and gradually resume most activities.

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