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In situations where the skin is too loose for breast augmentation alone, or in cases where there is not enough breast volume for a breast lift (mastopexy) alone, a combination augmentation / mastopexy is the appropriate operation.

The Ideal Candidate for this Operation

Many women lose breast volume with age and/or after breast feeding. This leaves the breast skin stretched and the breast with a saggy or ptotic appearance. A traditional breast lift is effective at taking away the extra skin but, in many patients, the breast will still have a flat or small appearance after the operation. Volumizing the breast with an implant, in conjunction with tailoring the skin, gives the patient a fuller, perkier appearance to the breast.

Many women have breast implants placed when they are in their 20s and their skin and breast tissue have stretched through the years, leaving them with breasts that are larger than they wish and skin that is sagging. In those cases, women may choose to have their implants removed, the skin reduced and newer, smaller implants placed. This will give the breasts a perky appearance with fullness in the upper part of the breast.

Options for Breast Lift

Many women are reluctant to have a breast lift given the fact that there will be incisions placed on the breast. There are a number of different skin incisions used to perform the lift, based on the patient’s goals and pre-operative anatomy.

This Can Be a Risky Operation in Inexperienced Hands

It is important to understand that this operation can be risky in the hands of surgeons that do not understand the opposing forces at work. A breast lift is meant to make the breast perkier and smaller, whereas a breast augmentation makes the breast larger and fuller. One of the issues with these opposing forces is that, in inexperienced hands, the blood supply to the nipple and the surrounding skin can be compromised and complications such as nipple or skin necrosis (death) can occur.

Dr. Troy Pittman is internationally recognized and received specialized training in performing complex breast surgeries, such as augmentation / mastopexy, and plans the entire operation around keeping the blood supply of the nipple and skin intact when planning and executing the operation. Augmentation / Mastopexy is one of the most frequently performed procedures that Dr. Pittman performs.

It’s Important to Understand Your Options

The best way to figure out if this is the right surgery for you is to book a consult with Dr. Pittman and discuss your goals and desires. The cornerstone of Dr. Pittman’s practice is providing a couture surgical plan for each individual patient. No two patients are the same and no two bodies are the same. Whether you are undergoing breast surgery for the first time or are interested in a revision breast surgery, Dr. Pittman will guide you through the process.

Keeping You Safe

As part of the surgical planning process, Dr. Pittman may ask you to get a mammogram and/or specific medical clearance from your primary care doctor. It is also important to understand that your health and safety is our top priority. Therefore, Dr. Pittman DOES NOT perform augmentation / mastopexy on patients that are active cigarette smokers, given issues that may arise with the blood supply secondary to nicotine.

After Surgery

Recovery from augmentation / mastopexy is usually a 2-3 weeks process. You are able to shower 48hrs after surgery. You are up and about 24 hours after surgery but we want you to limit heavy physical activity and will be limited in lifting anything heavier than 10lbs for about 3 weeks. Generally, post-operative discomfort is minimal and easily controlled with prescription medication.

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