Fat Transfer to the Breast

Why Fat Transfer to the Breast?

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Fat transfer to the breast is a breast procedure used to either completely augment the breast or to enhance the thickness of the breast tissue after placement of an implant. This option provides a more natural breast augmentation, since the patient’s fat cells are used to create new volume. Fat transfer involves liposuction, purifying the fat that is suctioned, and injecting that fat into the breast.

The Ideal Candidate

There are two types of patients that are ideal for fat transfer:

  1. Patients who absolutely do not want an implant. There are many patients who have an aversion to breast implants and would rather avoid them altogether. For these patients, fat transfer is a reasonable option. It is important to note that the enhancement that can be achieved with fat transfer is modest and not as predictable as an implant. Generally speaking, about 60 to 70% of the transferred fat remains, while the rest is absorbed and goes away. It is difficult to predict how much fat will remain in any given patient.
  2. Patients with very little breast tissue or very thin overlying soft tissues. Women with very little breast tissue who have implants placed may be at risk for visible rippling in the upper part of the breast. Also, women who have had implants that are too large undergo thinning of the tissue after several years. In both cases, fat transfer can be used to augment the tissues and prevent visibility of the implant.

A Leader in the Field

Dr. Pittman was one of the first plastic surgeons to research long-term results and patient satisfaction in women undergoing fat transfer for breast augmentation. In his study, the augmentation in patients undergoing fat transfer was modest. The patient satisfaction was high, mostly because the procedure was combined with liposuction. Click here to read Dr. Pittman’s full manuscript of Lipo-augmentation of the Breast.

[…] From the moment I walked in, I knew I had come to the right person for my breast augmentation. The atmosphere and staff enhanced the experience further. Dr. Pittman has state-of-the-art equipment, allowing you to see real time what your end result will look like. He provided honest feedback and advice, allowing me to make an informed decision. […] I cannot thank Dr. Pittman enough for the confidence and exceptional work he has provided me. His presentation, social media, patient reviews, etc. speak for the pride he takes in his work! Thank you again!


Breast Augmentation Via Fat Transfer

At the start of the fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, fat is harvested from trouble areas via liposuction. Popular sites for harvesting include the abdomen, thighs, and rear end. Gentle techniques must be used in order to preserve the health of the donor fat cells.

Once enough fat has been harvested, the fatty tissue will be purified. This process involves removal of unnecessary material and any dead or damaged fat cells. Only healthy cells will remain for transfer.

Finally, the purified fat cells will be injected into the breasts in key areas to create a natural-looking increase in volume. The exact placement and amount of fat will vary depending on each unique case and each patient’s goals. Because not all of the implanted fat cells will survive after transfer, more fat than needed will be injected.

Every patient’s recovery process after fat transfer breast augmentation is different depending on the specifics of their case. Follow Dr. Pittman’s post-surgical care directions as closely as possible for optimal results.

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