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How Much Control Do I Have Over My Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is all about giving the patient their ideal breasts. You are the ultimate source of knowledge when it comes to your aesthetic needs. The best way to provide you with beautiful results is to make sure you have control over the key aesthetic aspects of your procedure. The size, texture, type, and amount […]

Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Options

When it comes to facial rejuvenation, surgery is not your only option. Before you consider something as dramatic or intensive as cosmetic surgery, consider the amazing results that non-surgical facial rejuvenation options can provide. Botox can be incredibly effective at reducing the presence of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. A facelift can also […]

Treating Deeper Facial Wrinkles with Perlane

Cosmetic dermal fillers like Juvederm, Voluma, and Restylane are all excellent for filling in those mild and moderate lines and wrinkles that form on the face over the years. However, there are very severe lines and wrinkles that these dermal fillers can’t adequately treat. Perlane is one of the best cosmetic dermal fillers for filling […]

Breast Reduction – Smaller and Shapelier

The primary goal of breast reduction surgery is to reduce the size of the breasts, but that is not the only thing being done during the procedure. Plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Troy Pittman focuses on adjusting and refining the shape of the breasts to give you aesthetically stunning results. Your process begins by determining […]

Abdominoplasty – The Recovery Period

Because every individual’s body recovers at a different rate, it can be difficult to determine exactly how long it will take you to recover from your abdominoplasty procedure. Knowing what to expect during your recovery and roughly how long it may take will help you to prepare for the process. On average, most patients will […]

Recovering from Your Chin Augmentation Procedure

After your chin augmentation procedure has been completed, the next essential step will be your recovery. Taking the steps necessary for a healthy recovery will ensure the quality of your chin augmentation results. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Pittman will dress the surgical incisions immediately following the conclusion of the procedure; these dressings must remain […]

A Breakdown of the Mastopexy Procedure

A mastopexy, often referred to as a breast lift, is a procedure that aims to give a patient tighter and firmer breasts. If you are interested in receiving a breast lift, this breakdown of the procedure can help you mentally prepare for the process. The process begins with your initial consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon […]

Breast Augmentation for You

Breast augmentation plastic surgery isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure. There are a wide variety of variables for each patient to consider before she undergoes breast augmentation surgery, and so it’s crucial to have a skilled plastic surgeon guide you through the process. That way, you’ll get a realistic assessment of all the possibilities. When it comes […]

Combined Technology improve Breast Reconstruction Outcomes in Breast Cancer Patients

My surgeon told me he would decide during surgery whether or not I could undergo breast reconstruction immediately, but I’m so glad he decided to wait before proceeding with implants. It gave me a chance to heal, and the results of my reconstruction are just remarkable,” said Sarah Bessin, a 47-year-old breast cancer survivor. Bessin […]

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

According to the experts, about 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. Everyone knows somebody whose life has been impacted by this destructive disease. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Troy Pittman has made it part of his life’s mission to help breast cancer patients and […]

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