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Learn More About What Makes a Facelift Unique

A facelift is a surgical procedure that gives patients a more refreshed and youthful look. Through this treatment, a number of facial wrinkles can be smoothed away. The facelift addresses a sagging chin and cheeks and also takes care of the neck. The best facelifts should make you look natural, as if nothing has happened […]

Adding Volume to the Breasts by Transferring Fatty Tissue

Fat-transfer breast augmentation is a newer type of breast augmentation. Instead of using artificial implants, the plastic surgeon uses fatty tissue from your own body to enlarge your breasts. Women place a lot of importance on the appearance of their breasts. Not being comfortable with the way your breasts look can have a large impact […]

Capsular Contracture: Part 2

In my previous blog, I discussed the various grades of capsular contracture and the proposed causes of capsular contracture.  Let’s now take a look at prevention and treatment of this condition. Can capsular contracture be prevented? In many cases, the formation of capsular contracture is random and could be considered “bad luck.”  However, there are […]

Capsular Contracture: Part 1

What is capsular contracture? The formation of a capsule around a breast implant is part of normal wound healing.  The body’s natural response to a foreign object is to form a thin layer of scar tissue around the implant.  However, in capsular contracture, that thin layer of scar tissue becomes thicker and causes a problem […]

Breaking Down the Facelift Procedure

Most people may believe that a facelift is accomplished by simply pulling back the skin of the face to reduce sagging and the presence of folds and wrinkles. In reality, the facelift procedure requires numerous steps and addresses loose excess skin, underlying structures of the face, and pockets of accumulated fat. During the facelift procedure, […]

Correcting Breast Asymmetry with Breast Reduction

Asymmetrical breasts are a common issue that many women across the globe live with. Some women may have a slight difference in their breast size that is virtually unnoticeable while they are in clothing. Others may have breasts that vary significantly in size, making it difficult to disguise the issue. If you have one breast […]

Creating a Tighter Tummy

The tummy tuck procedure is one of the few procedures that that enhances both the visual and physical aspects of your stomach. The procedure is designed to create a more visually appealing abdomen, and it accomplishes this by physically tightening the tissues of the abdomen. The abdominal muscles can become worn and stretched, causing the […]

A Quick and Easy Treatment for Smile Lines

Aging and the effects of gravity can leave you with unwanted lines and wrinkles around your mouth. These wrinkles may have you worrying over what to do about your appearance. One of the best ways to treat lines around the mouth is by restoring volume to fill them in. Restylane is an incredibly effective cosmetic […]

Otoplasty for Children and Adults

Many people don’t pay much attention to the appearance of their ears, because the majority of people properly developed ears that look natural and don’t stand out too much. However, some people have malformed or disfigured ears as a result of genetic factors or due to damage done to the tissue of the ear. Otoplasty […]

Why Dieting Has No Effect on Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that produces oversized breasts in males. This is a common aesthetic issue among males going through puberty. Males who have an excess amount of body fat in their chest also have oversized breasts, but this issue is significantly different from gynecomastia. Many men who have excess fat in their chest […]

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